Now Mining Review: Official marketing arm for Genesis Mining?

Now Mining Review: Official marketing arm for Genesis Mining?

Now Mining keuze to be based out of London te the UK but don’t show up to have any actual business operations there.

Nothing comes up for “Now Mining” when you run a UK incorporation search on the company name.

Additionally, no voeling details are provided on the Now Mining webstek.

The Now Mining webstek domain (“”) wasgoed privately registered on July 27th, 2018.

Luis Ortega is identified spil the company’s CEO.

Ortega (right) shows up to be based out of the Arizona ter the US. Spil far spil I can tell, he doesn’t seem to have an MLM history.

For all intents and purposes Now Mining shows up to be operated from within the US.

Now Mining held their official grand opening on December 9th te Phoenix Arizona.

Spil vanaf Alexa’s records, the US is also the largest source of traffic to the Now Mining webstek (64%).

For more wij turn to an undated Now Mining conference call hosted by Oz Fuentes.

Fuentes states he’s based out of Phoenix, Arizona and claims to have bot working ter the MLM industry for ten years.

After introducing himself and others on the call, Fuentes starts cracking down Now Mining.

About four minutes into the webinar, Fuentes claims Now Mining is the official marketing arm of Genesis Mining.

[Four:23] I found out that Luis had bot working with Genesis Mining for about three years.

He’s bot consulting for them, Genesis Mining. And he wasgoed chosen to be the Voorzitter of CEO of Now Mining, who is the marketing arm for Genesis Mining.

Genesis Mining is a four year old company, debt free.

They’re worth about two billion dollars. They’ve mined about a hundred thousand bitcoin so far.

And they determined to launch their network marketing arm, Now Mining.

I attempted to independently verify this information but couldn’t find anything connecting Luis Ortega or Now Mining with Genesis Mining.

Whether the company is indeed the network marketing arm of Genesis Mining remains unclear.

The fact that there’s no mention of Now Mining anywhere on the Genesis Mining webstek is pretty suspect.

Read on for a total review of the Now Mining MLM chance.

Now Mining Products

Now Mining has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Now Mining affiliate membership itself.

The Now Mining Compensation Project

Now Mining affiliates invest up to $100,000 on the promise of a daily ROI for 280 days:

Specific ROI rates aren’t provided, but Oz Fuentes claims affiliates can expect around 1% a day.

[8:05] (Now Mining) will provide you with a contract and for 280 days you will be mining 1% on whatever it is you waterput te.

This works out to an approximate 280% ROI on each of Now Mining’s investment plans.

Referral Commissions

Now Mining pay a rechtstreeks referral commission on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Up to 20% is paid spil a meteen referral commission, depending on how much a freshly recruited affiliate invests.

An “upgrade commission” of up to 15% is paid when personally recruited affiliates re-invest at higher levels.

Residual Commissions

Now Mining pay residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):

The very first level of the binary team houses two positions. The 2nd level of the binary team is generated by splitting thesis very first two positions into another two positions each (Four positions).

Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated spil required, with each fresh level housing twice spil many positions spil the previous level.

Positions ter the binary team are packed via onmiddellijk and officieus recruitment of affiliates. Note there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow.

Residual commissions are paid out based on investment volume generated within a binary team.

At the end of each day Now Mining tally up fresh investment volume on both sides of the binary team.

Affiliates are paid a percentage of matched investment volume, based on how much they themselves have invested:

  • invest ter a 1/30, 1/6, 1/Three or 1K Mine project and receive a 14% residual commission rate
  • invest te a 5K, 10K or 15K Mine project and receive a 16% residual commission rate
  • invest te a 20K or 30K Mine project and receive an 16% residual commission rate
  • invest te a 50K or 100K Mine project and receive a 20% residual commission rate

Leftover volume on the stronger binary side is carried overheen the following day.

Daily Trading Verzekeringspremie

For some reason Now Mining want to discourage affiliates from withdrawing earnings.

Affiliates who opt not to withdraw represented earnings te their backoffice for the duration of their mining contract (280 days), can

win an extra daily verzekeringspremie through the trading that corresponds to your mining project.

No further information is provided.

Joining Now Mining

Now Mining affiliate membership is free, however free affiliates can only earn referral and residual commissions.

Utter participation te the Now Mining income chance requires a ondergrens $100 investment.


I suspect Now Mining’s representation that it’s a UK company is a pseudo-compliance attempt to dodge US regulatory requirements for securities offerings.

Pseudo-compliance aside, Now Mining’s mining contracts are very much a security.

Courtesy of Oz Fuentes, here’s how Now Mining’s contracts are being marketed,

[8:43] After nine months not only will you make your money back ter bitcoin mining, but you’ll triple it… almost triple it.

And if you’re blessed, you’ll even quadruple it.

[9:23] The five thousand dollar mining contract will permit you to make about fifty dollars a day.

And if you multiply fifty dollars times two hundred and eighty days, you’re talking about a fifteen thousand to eighteen thousand dollar comeback.

[Ten:51] There’s no real-estate investment that you can purchase at a hundred thousand dollars that will make you three hundred thousand dollars … within nine months.

There’s no investment out there, there’s no bonds, there’s no stocks – there’s nothing out there that will triple your money within nine months at all.

For those unacquainted with the term, a security is defined spil an investment that supplies a passive ROI.

Spil you can see by definition of the business proefje or how they’re marketed, this is exactly what Now Mining’s contracts are.

And albeit not mentioned anywhere on the Now Mining webstek, there also shows up to be an affixed ICO.

Information on Now Mining’s ICO wasgoed exposed ter a webinar published to Vivian William’s YouTube channel on December 7th.

At around twenty-six minutes into the webinar, host Jonny Tashjian covers the ICO shortly.

[26:30] For you to look into and invest te an ICO, the question everybody has is, “Is it real? Are they going to do something with the profits they’re looking to raise?”

[26:52] A few of the owners of Genesis and Luis, they own a company ter Mexico that converts shipping containers into a huis.

Just go and Google “shipping container homes” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

[27:15] They’re building four thousand square foot homes ter California. They’re selling for toughly $800,000 … well, their cost is harshly $60,000 ter materials and another $60,000 te vervoer.

So wij’re talking about something that has a large profitability potential. And so they’re actually the very first ICO backed 100% by real-estate.

The company Tashjian is referencing emerges to be Millennium Network.

A December 8th press-release published by Millennium Network’s PR department cited Luis Ortega spil CEO of the company.

Millennium, a real estate development technology company committed to drastically alter the real estate development space with custom-built brainy homes, has announced the launch of its decentralized and blockchain based token, the Millennium token.

The initial coin suggesting is scheduled on December 9, 2018 along with a pre-initial coin suggesting on the same day for a select group.

That “select group” emerges to be Now Mining affiliates.

[28:57] If you waterput five thousand dollars onto the verhoging right now, you’re gunna be eligible for harshly $2500 to purchase of this ICO.

So two separate investments, but the only way you get access to the ICO is to buy a mining contract with the company (Now Mining).

[28:Ten] I’ve seen ICOs go upward of fifty, five hundred, a thousand times.

Anybody that puts money onto the toneelpodium, ter a mining contract, you’re gonna have access this weekend to buy into this ICO with pre-ICO pricing.

Y’know wij’re talking less than a dollar. And when they open this thing onto the market, it’s only going to be a three-week window that this ICO is going to be open, and wij have the capability to literally uh… that money that wij buy te at, it’s going to go five, ten times day one when they open.

The Millennium Network webstek exposes the company purportedly building the “smart homes” is SQ Tech:

Presently our clever homes are being built by our fucking partner SQ Tech ter Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Why does a company making shipping container homes te Mexico need to launch an ICO?

No idea. And the explanation provided ter the Millennium Network whitepaper doesn’t explain why either.

The Millennium token will be our cryptocurrency that will optimize the advantages of our decentralized network to enable global transactions to be lighter, swifter, and more secure.

All transactions will be authenticated and confirmed using decentralized blockchain technology to process payments made with our Millennium token, which ensures the safe transfer of funds and the completion of services.

Sounds to mij like they’re launching an ICO for the sake of it. Most likely because spil opposed to using an established cryptocurrency, this way they get to keep money people invest te Millennium tokens, despite their being unnecessary from a practical perspective.

But I digress. Without going any further down the Millennium Network rabbit hold, the project to mij shows up to be to pump Now Mining revenue into Millennium Network. Hence the enticement for Now Mining affiliates to not withdraw represented earnings for 280 days.

Pretty shady if you ask mij. If Millennium Network wasgoed above-board, why not just launch it spil a separate company instead of tying it to an unrelated MLM crypto mining chance?

The long and the brief of it is neither Now Mining, Luis Ortega or Millennium Network are registered to suggest securities ter the US.

Yet through Now Mining, US residents are being targeted for investment into a passive ROI chance.

That means all three are engaged te the illegal suggesting of unregistered securities.

And that’s the best case screenplay. Worst case there is no or only a partial contract with Genesis Mining, with Now Mining using freshly invested affiliate funds used to pay an implied 1% daily ROI on mining contract for 280 days.

It certainly wouldn’t be the very first time an MLM chance had claimed partnership with Genesis Mining, albeit being its official network marketing arm is certainly a very first.

Then there’s the Millennium Network ICO, which makes little sense other than spil a voertuig to launder funds invested into Now Mining through.

Oh and don’t leave behind pyramid recruitment commissions on Now Mining invested funds. No retail sales means any referral and residual commissions paid out are tied to funds invested by recruited affiliates.

To summarize, there’s no doubt the cryptocurrency space is thriving and if you wish to get involved more power to you.

Getting involved ter MLM companies promising daily comebacks through unregistered securities suggesting however, isn’t a clever way to go about it.

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