IGM: Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad Product News and Reviews

IGM: Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad Product News and Reviews

Agile Onvriendelijk today announced an expansion of its 1Password for teams. The fresh 1Password Business scales to larger organizations and gives business IT departments controls to grant and manage the business passwords.

ESPN+, the upcoming direct-to-consumer subscription streaming service from Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International te partnership with ESPN and featuring ESPN branded content, will launch on April 12 and suggest ventilatoren a dynamic lineup of live sports, original content and an unmatched library of award-winning on-demand programming – all for a subscription price of $Four.99 vanaf month.

The key point with this service is it does not include ESPN’s mainstream programming on ESPN, ESPN Two, or ESPNU. To stream that content, you’ll still need a cable subscription. You can most likely expect a loterijlot of lower-tier sports programming that typically has bot found on ESPN Trio streaming.

Despite dramatic improvements to Apple See speed, some high profile apps have bot actively pulled from watchOS overheen the last several months. Instagram is the latest major app to vanish from Apple Observe spil part of today’s iPhone app update.

Kicking off this month, Apple is requiring developers to make all Apple See updates run natively on the Apple Witness. The legacy watchOS 1 apps run via the tethered iPhone, while apps developed with watchOS Four can run natively on the smartwatch. Since Apple Observe apps are bundled with the iOS app, developers are compelled to either have an update ready for Apple’s fresh requirement or liquidate Apple See support when updating iOS apps.

Apple Inc. is programma to use its own chips ter Mac computers beginning spil early spil 2020, substituting processors from Intel Corp., according to people familiar with the plans.

This would be an ambitious project, but Apple has undergone toneelpodium migrations of this scale. Very first to PowerPC, then to Intel-based processors. This would be a different, however, by converging two platforms into one rather than migrating to a fresh architecture.

The total version of Apple’s clever ‘homework’ ad is available on its YouTube pagina. The ad tells the story of a group of kids doing a compelling homework assignment on gravity using the iPad. The voiceover for the ad is a slightly modified poem Homework! Oh, Homework by Jack Prelutsky and it sounds like narrated by John Goodman.

Ter light of latest consumer privacy news, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated with ReCode’s Kara Swisher Apple’s business prototype:

Spil it turned out, the FBI’s own hackers didn’t commence working with vendors to find a way to hack into Farook’s iPhone until “the eve” of the FBI’s initial court filing requesting Apple’s assistant on February 16, 2016. Moreover, two different teams within the FBI’s Operational Technology Division (OTD), a department tasked with providing technological assistance to investigations, didn’t communicate with each other to find a solution until late ter the investigation, according to the OIG report.

The report speculates the FBI may not have wished to use a means to unlock a device that would have to be disclosed ter court. The popular opinion at the time, however, wasgoed the FBI wasn’t truly interested ter unlocking the device spil much spil it wasgoed is using the case to establish a means to unlock future devices. It’s possible too that the FBI wasgoed simply dysfunctional and not working together on the case.

At today’s education event, Apple announced that student accounts for schools would have 200 GB of iCloud storage free. This is an increase from Five GB that Apple offers everyone. Dan Moren make the case it’s also time to upgrade all free accounts.

The standard 5GB of free iCloud storage has bot ter place for years now, and, frankly, it’s commencing to wear lean. When most iOS devices come ter 32GB configurations at the smallest, and many embark at 64GB, 5GB feels pretty paltry. Especially when the next step ter the upgrade tier is to pay $0.99 for 50GB of storage space. I realize Services has become a moneymaker for Apple, but it just feels cheap.

I would say a good rule of thumb is Apple should give enough free iCloud storage to back up active devices. You bought the device and I think it’s reasonable Apple can kick te enough cloud storage to back it up. Typically I think people will pay $1 vanaf month to get enough to back up their devices. That seems stingy and I know people who don’t back up because of it. That’s not a good user practice either way. Another idea is to just make device backups free and keep it at Five GB for gegevens files. (On that note, it would be superb if Apple suggested Time Machine backup ter iCloud)

The Edge has a condensed version of today’s Apple special event. The movie is about 11 minutes long, down from an hour. Missing are the promotional movies, transitions, applause lines, etc to get the meat of the presentations announcements.

Apple posted the archive of today’s special event. (linked above) The event took place at Lane Tech Collegium Prep High Schoolgebouw te Chicago. The event is a bit overheen an hour long.

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