Six Ways You Can Earn Bitcoin

Six Ways You Can Earn Bitcoin

Spil global request for bitcoin and, therefore, its price increases, so does the desire for people to embark earning bitcoin. This is actually visible when looking at Google Trends gegevens for the keywords “Earn Bitcoin,” which has seen a substantial increase te search volumes ter the last few months, reaching all-time highs.

Investor Alistair Milne pointed this out with a popular Reddit postbode on December Five, whereby one of the replies influenced this article. With Christmas and the Fresh Year around the corner, wij detail six ways you can earn bitcoin without having to make any costly upfront investments.


One of the easiest and most common ways people come in into the bitcoin economy and earn their very first bitcoin is by suggesting their services spil a freelancer. Whether you are a content writer, a programmer, a web developer, a graphic designer, or are able to offerande any other valuable service for which there is request, you can be paid for your services ter bitcoin.

Popular bitcoin freelancer platforms and job portals include XBTFreelancer, Bitlancerr, Coinality, Cryptogrind and BitGigs. There is also a very active subreddit called Jobs4Bitcoins, where users can find job listings and suggest their services ter exchange for payment te the cryptocurrency.

Selling Physical Goods

There are several online platforms that permit you to sell your physical goods te exchange for bitcoin. Some of the most popular ones include the bitcoin-only marketplaces OpenBazaar and Bitify.

OpenBazaar is a decentralized zero-fee bitcoin-only marketplace that permits users to sell physical products on a downloadable desktop-based podium. OpenBazaar wasgoed officially launched te April 2016 and many of its primarily listed products have had a bitcoin theme to appeal to the platform’s user base. Te the last six months since its launch, however, around 300 vendors have commenced to list overheen 7,000 products ranging from artwork and t-shirts to drones and collectibles making it an excellent marketplace for vendors of all sorts of products.

Bitify is another cryptocurrency-only online marketplace that permits you to sell your products for both bitcoin and litecoin. Bitify offers an escrow service to ensure safe payment and delivery of the goods and functions ter a similar way spil e-commerce giant Amazon. On Bitify you can sell both digital products, such spil eBooks, bounty vouchers, and software, and physical products such spil clothes, beauty products, and books.

Selling Apps and Digital Services

The 21 Market, on the other palm, does not opoffering physical products. On the 21 Market, you can sell cryptocurrency-related digital products and services, such spil APIs, market gegevens, and apps, most of which have bot developed using the 21 Bitcoin Laptop.


The 21 Bitcoin Rekentuig is a petite CPU that permits developers to learn how to create cryptocurrency-related APIs, apps, and services. Selling bitcoin-related apps and digital services is an excellent way to earn bitcoin, spil the request for such products is enlargening spil the Bitcoin startup ecosystem grows.

Verkeersopstopping Sharing

Another way to earn bitcoin is by sharing files te exchange for bitcoin micropayments. Platforms that suggest this include Supload, SatoshiBox, and JoyStream.

Supload prizes you for uploading pics and movies with bitcoin payments, which come from “50 procent of the profit generated through advertisements displayed on Supload content associated with your user account.”

SatoshiBox pays its users ter bitcoin when their uploaded files are being downloaded for a toverfee pre-determined by the user when he or she originally uploaded the digital content.

JoyStream, on the other palm, is a peer-to-peer file-sharing network similar to BitTorrent, except that file-sharers receive bitcoin micropayments to seed content for other users to download.

If you have valuable original content to share, then using bitcoin-based verkeersopstopping sharing platforms is an excellent way to earn some bitcoins.


There are several platforms where you can earn bitcoins for completing puny tasks. The leading bitcoin microtask platforms include Bitfortip, WillPayCoin, and Bitasker.

Bitfortip and WillPayCoin both work te a very similar way. Users postbode ads for the tasks they need completing and how much they are willing to pay for the service denominated ter bitcoin. Tasks include tweeting about a product or service, designing a logo, or helping a user find out where he can get a specific lump of clothing he spotted online.

Bitasker, on the other arm, is a little different. On this toneelpodium, you will receive bitcoin micropayments mainly for answering user questions, such spil how to install specific software or a particular app on a certain system.

Completing microtasks does not pay the big bucks but is an effortless way to turn your skill into a few dollars worth of bitcoin without having to invest a lotsbestemming of time.

Movie Streaming

If you have original movie content that you want to get paid for, you can opoffering it on one of several bitcoin video-streaming services. Popular bitcoin-based movie streaming services include Streamium, and OTika.TV, and WatchMyBit.

Streamium is a live stream service, similar to Meerkat and Periscope, except that you can charge users te bitcoin on a second-per-second fundament for viewing your live-streamed movie content. On Streamium you can stream anything from language lessons and online courses to one-on-one consulting and online gaming competitions.

OTika.TV works ter a similar style except it concentrates on a TV voorstelling format. Each user has their channel where they can share and discuss whatever they want and can charge their viewers a predetermined bitcoin amount to observe their live streamed content.

WatchMyBit differs to Streamium and OTika.TV spil it offers users the chance to upload pre-recorded movie content that they can then sell for a one-off price to each viewer that wants to consume their movie.

If you want to become part of the bitcoin community or just want to earn a few bitcoins to benefit from the deflationary nature of the currency, there are many ways to achieve that. Whether it is te the form of suggesting your services spil a freelancer, selling physical or digital products online or suggesting content ter exchange for payment te bitcoin, there are many opportunities for you to earn bitcoin.

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