2018 November

2018 November

Want to switch from Apple macOS to Linux because of the ‘root’ security bug? Give deepin 15.Five a attempt!

Apple’s macOS is a excellent operating system. Not only is it stable and beautifully designed, but it is very secure too. Well, usually it is. Unless you live under a rock, you undoubtedly heard about the macOS High Sierra security bug that made the news overheen the last duo of days. Te case you somehow are unaware, the bug essentially made it so anyone could loom into any Mac running the latest version of the operating system.

Fortunately, Apple has already patched the bug, and some people — like mij — have forgiven the company. Understandably, not everyone will be spil forgiving spil mij. Undoubtedly, there are Mac users that are ready to hop ship spil a result of the embarrassing bug. While that is very likely an overreaction, if you are set on attempting an alternative operating system, you should not go with Windows Ten. Instead, you should embrace Linux. Te fact, rather serendipitously, a Linux distribution with a UI reminiscent of macOS gets a fresh version today. Called “deepin,” version 15.Five of the distro is now ready to download.

Moshi releases first-ever certified 5K USB-C to DisplayPort cable

While the MacBook Professional doesn’t have a dedicated movie port, that truly doesn’t matter. Thanks to its versatile USB-C ports, any port can output movie with the keurig cable or dongle. Ter other words, a USB-C to HDMI, VGA, or DisplayPort cable can permit you to lightly connect a laptop to a monitor or television.

Most USB-C to DisplayPort cables eis 4K support at the most, but there is a fresh cable that takes things up a notch. You see, a fresh product from a company called “Moshi” can evidently do 5K at 60Hz. The company claims this is the first-ever USB-C cable to be certified by VESA for that resolution. It can even do Four:Four:Four chroma subsampling. While it is designed for MacBook and MacBook Voor, it should work fine with Windows and Linux computers too.

American Airlines pc glitch gives all pilots Christmas off

Christmas is quickly approaching and Santa is not the only one flying for the holiday. The yuletide season is one of the most popular travel times of the year. After all, spil the song says There’s No Place Like Huis for the Holidays.

If you’ve planned your tour out and already booked your flight then you may not want to begin packing just yet. There may be a petite problem ter that well thought-out itinerary, so attent mom and dad now.

Almost half of businesses think their leadership is digitally illiterate

Digital transformation is increasingly critical to business success, yet a fresh survey of technology professionals shows that 47 procent lack confidence ter the digital literacy of their leadership.

The examine by technology association ISACA shows less than 25 procent of organizations believe their senior leadership is very receptive to adopting emerging technologies, while 20 procent are believed to be not receptive at all.

Toshiba unveils 2TB XG5-P NVMe SSD

For rekentuig enthusiasts, wij are living te a very titillating time. Hardware is swifter than everzwijn, while prices for parts are fairly reasonable. You can build a very capable PC without cracking the bankgebouw.

One of my beloved components is the solid state drive. Not only are they much swifter than traditional mechanical hard disk drives, but they can reduce power usage too — a big win for battery life on laptops and tablets. Today, Toshiba unveils its latest such drive and it looks amazing. The 2TB XG5-P is NVMe based, meaning it will be blazing swift.

The crypto rally is overheen spil market comes in correction

Fueled by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Metselspecie and other major players, the crypto market succesnummer a fresh all-time-high yesterday, reaching a valuation of overheen $345 billion. But, spil the telling goes, what goes up vereiste come down. So, spil the incredible rally eventually came to an end, the market commenced to crash, big time.

This is not uncommon for the crypto toneel. This year wij have seen three similar crashes happening. All coincided with Bitcoin setting a fresh price record. This one is no different, spil the market entered a correction right after the most-valuable cryptocurrency broke $11,500, sending it back into the low-$9,000s.

Ivanti inventories and protects enterprise endpoints

Endpoint systems proceed to be the weakest point for most organizations, permitting a potential route for hackers to penetrate networks and steal gegevens.

IT and security operations specialist Ivanti is launching a fresh version of its Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security aimed at simplifying endpoint management and security with an integrated console and workflows.

Google faces class activity lawsuit for gathering private gegevens from millions of iPhone users

A group going by the name Google You Owe Us is taking Google to court te the UK, complaining that the company harvested private gegevens from Five.Four million iPhone users.

The group is led by Richard Lloyd, director of consumer group Which?, and it alleges that Google bypassed privacy settings on iPhones inbetween June 2011 and February 2012. The lawsuit seeks compensation for those affected by what is described spil a “disturbance of trust.”

Google launches Datally for Android, a contraption to monitor and control mobile gegevens usage

For many people — particularly te certain parts of the world — mobile gegevens is an expensive commodity. If you’re someone who likes to keep an eye on exactly what’s using up all of your allowance — and take control of it — Google’s fresh Android app, Datally, can help.

Datally has bot designed to not only expose which apps are using up gegevens, but to provide a way to rein it ter. Formerly known spil Triangle whilst ter beta, the app lets you block background gegevens usage on a per-app fundament, and makes it much lighter to access data-related settings.

Apple expeditiously patches embarrassing macOS High Sierra security bug, thereby regaining my trust

I am not a rich man. With that said, when I bought my first-ever Mac laptop last year — a 2016 MacBook Professional with Touch Caf — parting with that much metselspecie wasgoed a very big overeenkomst for mij. I spent more on this laptop than my very first car! Why did I buy it? After being amazed by iOS and liking the way the two operating systems worked together, I determined to use Mac OS X (now macOS) te addition to my beloved Linux distributions. To be fair, I feel more safe on Apple’s desktop operating system than on Windows Ten. I also like how Tim Cook and company stand up for privacy. Ter other words, I trusted Apple.

And then yesterday happened. It wasgoed exposed that macOS High Sierra had one of the worst security bugs everzwijn. By injecting “root” spil the username, followed by a wit password, anybody could access any Mac running macOS Ten.13.1. Spil soon spil I read about this embarrassing vulnerability, my heart sank. I talent Apple thousands of my hard earned dollars because I valued security and privacy, and I wasgoed rewarded with incompetence. Well, I am blessed to say that my head is much cooler today, and Apple has regained my trust. Why? Because the company has already patched the bug.

Windows Ten is now on 600 million active devices

At 2015’s Build developer conference, Microsoft announced that it anticipated overheen 1 billion Windows Ten devices to be te consumers palms within Two years, but thanks to the failure — and ultimate death — of Windows Ten Mobile, that wasgoed clearly never going to toebijten, and Microsoft wasgoed compelled to admit spil much a year ago.

When the OS wasgoed suggested spil a free download, initial growth wasgoed strong, with Windows Ten finding its way on to 350 million devices ter the very first year. But growth slowed significantly once the free period ended.

Facebook may embark using selfies to verify logins

Some Facebook users have reported that the social network is asking them to upload a selfie spil a means of verifying their identity.

It seems that the company is testing out a fresh form of captcha spil it asks that you “upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face.” Just like Facebook’s latest idea that users could protect themselves against vengeance porn by uploading naked pictures of themselves, the test is likely to raise concerns about privacy.

Microsoft Edge beta for Android gains password syncing and more

Microsoft has just given mobile users a more compelling reason to use Edge spil their web browser — and heaven knows one wasgoed needed. The latest update to the mobile browser brings a genuinely useful feature: password syncing.

The announcement that Edge wasgoed coming to Android and iOS came somewhat out of the blue, and now it seems that Microsoft is intent on making it a real contender for the mobile browsing crown. Password syncing is the headline addition to the browser, but it’s not the only thing that’s fresh.

Bitcoin sets fresh price record above $11,000

After hitting $Ten,000 for the very first time yesterday, the latest rally proceeds to take Bitcoin to fresh highs. The most valuable cryptocurrency set another price record moments ago spil it went past the $11,000 mark.

And it did not zekering there. On major exchanges, like Bitfinex, GDAX and Bitstamp, Bitcoin is trading for around $11,300. South Korean exchanges Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit, which opoffering BTC/KRW pairs, report prices of overheen $12,100.

Lost time on conference calls costs businesses $34 billion a year

Business people waste an average of 15 minutes on each conference call they make simply getting embarked or dealing with distractions across the call. This wasted time costs US and UK businesses overheen $34 billion/ 26 billion according to a fresh report.

Online meeting company LoopUp surveyed 1000 professionals ter the US and UK and finds the cost of wasted call time is up by 46 procent since 2015.

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