Genesis Mining, Genesis Mining review and Genesis Mining promo code!

Genesis Mining, Genesis Mining review and Genesis Mining promo code!

Ter today’s article, I’ll introduce Genesis Mining (GM), a genuine cloud mining service, i.e. not a scam! Because most cloud mining sites out there are scams, unspoiled and simple… But GM is a legit company, founded ter 2013, which possesses several mining farms all overheen the world. And it’s one of the most popular cloud mining provider for bitcoin and altcoins. Here’s my Genesis Mining review!

Genesis Mining, a leader te cloud mining

It all began with crypto-currency enthusiasts who met online, on a trading toneel. And instead of investing ter bitcoin, they determined invest te their own cloud mining services: Genesis. Most of their employees have scientific backgrounds or are engineers.

The headquarters of the cloud mining service provider are based ter Hong Kong. While the precies locations of their mining farms are not known (due to security reasons), they have several te Europe, America and Asia. They use advanced equipment, with most centers running ASICS. And they even boast of having the world’s largest datacenter for ethereum mining! On their webstek, they advertise about their datacenter ter Iceland, where they also mine bitcoins and dash.

How does Genesis Mining work?

Genesis cloud mining sells mining contracts. Therefore you pay for a defined amount of computing power and Genesis mines for you. The point is that you don’t have to invest te hardware, software, setup and maintenance. But you lease the hardware from GM and share the profit with them.

Genesis mines on numerous pools, to maximize the chances of earning and gives you a share of revenue. You can mine one or more cryptocoins, and get paid ter another cryptocurrency if you feel like it.

When you buy a Genesis Mining contract, you take the gamble that the currency you mine will earn you more than the price of the contract. And this is usually the case, except when the currency collapses.

What about Genesis Mining payouts? GM provides daily payouts of all mined coins. But you’ll receive your payouts only once you have accumulated to a certain quantity of coins, to prevent excessive fees… So it may take a while to get a payout with their most affordable plans, just telling.

What coins can you mine at Genesis?

GM is a multi-currency cloud mining service. So you’re not limited to bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin to name the most popular. And you can mine all thesis coins:

While you have the choice of the currency you can mine, you should visit the Genesis webpagina. Indeed, some plans are sometimes out of stock…

Genesis offers Two years mining contract, and here are the contracts available when I write this article:

Once you purchase a contract, Genesis starts mining instantaneously. And you can get your very first payout the day after!

Is mining on Genesis profitable?

That’s a rough one… But why buy a contract from Genesis mining if it’s not profitable, right? The thing is that the profitability factors you need to analyze are permanently switching. Indeed, the response to this question depends on the coin’s price, the network difficulty, and the hash rate. Spil a result, you should do the calculations by yourself!

While Genesis is a reputable cloud mining webstek, I can’t say it’s profitable or not ter this article… If you want to mine bitcoins, I guess it’s more affordable to begin with cloud mining than purchasing your own equipment!

Are there Genesis Mining promo code?

Yes! You can love up to 3% discount on your Genesis project with this promo code: IVgixb . And you can use it with both a fresh account or an existing one. Simply apply the promotional code at checkout and love your discount on Genesis Mining plans.


When you don’t know what cloud mining provider to choose, selecting Genesis is common sense. Indeed, it’s one of the largest (the largest?) cloud mining service on the market. And it’s trusted by thousands of cloud miners.

While the profitability of cloud mining needs to be determined, Genesis will permit you to embark mining within minutes. And you won’t fight with hardware, software or maintenance. If you’re not ready to purchase some coins, then cloud mining seems to be the solution. And Genesis is the best cloud mining service provider, period.

What I indeed like with Genesis cloud mining is the fact that you can mine several cryptocoins. You can split your computing power inbetween coins: bitcoin, dash, ethereum, litecoin, Monero or Zcash.

Is Genesis Mining scam? No, it’s not. I’m not telling is profitable, spil I said above. But with Genesis, you’ll be cloud mining crypto-coins. And not feed another Ponzi scheme!

Ultimately, for those who have already used Genesis bitcoin mining, let mij know what you thought about it below! And if you have any question or comment about this cloud mining service provider, feel free to send mij a message.

Genesis is the most trusted cloud mining provider, with overheen 300,000 members. Founded te 2013, it’s the largest cloud mining webstek for bitcoin and ethereum.

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