Review 2018 – Thoughts After Two month of Investing ter Bitcoin Cloud Mining, Reinis Fischer

Review 2018 - Thoughts After 2 month of Investing in Bitcoin Cloud Mining, Reinis Fischer

It has bot already Two months since I’ve bot experimenting with bitcoin cloud mining contracts on Te today’s article, I will share my observations and concerns about this cloud mining program.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate linksom to cloud mining webstek, by clicking on linksom on this pagina and by making a purchase on, I will earn a 10% affiliate income at no cost to you. Also, I’m not a financial advisor and I don’t give you any advice, I’m just sharing my own practice. Investments te stocks, funds, bonds or cryptos are risk investments and you could lose some or all of your money. Do your due diligence before investing ter any kleuter of asset.

I should note that I have bot exposed to crypto investments since the 2nd part of 2018, at the begin with the elementary buy and hold, zometeen experimenting with day/sway trading, extending to building a custom-built GPU mining equipment and last, but not least – investing te cloud mining contracts.

Here is what I told Two months ago, before investing very first capital ter

Dude, this has bot one crazy cryptocurrency investment year – at least for mij. Beginning elementary buy and hold operations on, extending to sway trades, crypto lending and now at the end of December 2018 ordering details for 12 GPU mining equipment. I thought – that’s it, there is no way more I could expose myself to cryptos. Turns out I wasgoed wrong, spil there are still cloud mining contracts available.

Now, during the past two months l have explored other crypto options, with Gekko Trading bot being the latest discovery for my crypto activities, but now let’s terugwedstrijd to the review and see how did it go for the past two months.

During the past Two months, I have enhanced hashing power for Bitcoin SHA-256 mining contract from 0.23 TH/s to 1.19TH/s using zuigeling of dollar cost averaging and income I’ve made from referrals. Ter fact, the total income from referrals is much greater than income from actual cloud mining.

That concerns mij a lotsbestemming, and lately, I keep worrying how legit hashflare is after all? There are many ponzi scheme signs – like how comes there is an always available increase for hashpower, while for other cloud mining contracts there are always sold out cloud mining contracts and to buy a fresh cloud mining contract some need to wait some Trio months.

Always sold out BTC mining contracts on Genesis Mining

Here is a good point a fellow cloud miner used to describe current situation with hashflare:

nobody has seen they gegevens centers.

– yeah, obviously, its because the money is coming te

yeah, just estonian virtual company formation

and taking the contant te..

You most likely have heard about bitconnect scam case ( BitConnect — Anatomy of a Scam) and right now the business proefje of hashflare for mij seems somehow similar to bitconnect.

Now, if you are worried about always available hash power increase on – I wouldn’t recommend actually to invest here.

Te fact, to clarify thesis questions I’ve determined to voeling hashflare directly and raise thesis questions, make sure you subscribe to web thrust notifications or e-mail newsletter below to not to miss an significant update.

Payouts / Maintenance toverfee

It should be noted that earnings on are made ter BTC, so the total value of earnings ter USD depends on BTC/USD exchange rates. If BTC goes up te value, so do earnings ter USD, if it goes down, so do earnings te USD. There is also a daily maintenance toverfee to be paid for BTC mining on Hashflare.

Te bellow table, I’ve listed the totals of payout, maintenance, and profit for the past Two months. The profit value te USD is based on February 21, 2018, BTC/USD exchange rates ($11,148.20)

With the current BTC/USD exchange rates, I’ve made te profit $40.12. I should note that the rechtstreeks investment from my pocket te BTC cloud mining contract is $94.60, and total hashing power 1.19TH/s.

Let mij explain, I opened a cloud mining contract by purchasing 0.23TH/s hashing power and investing $50.60 + at the commence of each fresh month (January, February) I invest extra $20 to purchase extra 0.Ten TH/s hashing power, also I reinvest 50% from profit te additionally hashing power.

Now, the joy part comes from the referrals, which actually have earned mij way more than onmiddellijk cloud mining. From my previous articles about, there have bot ter total 12 referral signups, earning mij 0.02176574 BTC. Half of that I’ve reinvested ter hashing power, while other half kept for withdrawals. has one of the most generous affiliate programs ter the industry, providing a vapid 10% commission from each fresh referrals investment. Spil for an affiliate marketer I find it amazing, spil an investor te I still find it fishy (see my concerns above about a possible Ponzi scheme)

I’ve made referral signups from my previous articles about hashflare:


During the past two months, I toevluchthaven’t yet withdrawn any btc from hashflare, according to the current ondergrens withdrawal limit set at 0.05 BTC it could take mij long before I will be able to withdraw any funds from hashflare. I hope to reach ondergrens payout limit by the end of the time my very first cloud mining contracts will embark to expire (December 2018)

During the past two months, a lotsbestemming has happened ter crypto space, btc has bot volatile (spil it always does), my current practice with hashflare is positive despite I’ve some concerns overheen it (a possible Ponzi scheme). The next I’m programma to do is to voeling hashflare directly and raise thesis questions.

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