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Using Mac Pro for Mining - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Would it be worth buying a Mac Voor (higher end monster) and using that to mine BitCoin? If so then what should I expect ter terugwedstrijd spil far spil mining goes?

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Trio Answers

Mining with CPU or GPU is worthless, and if your purpose is buying some non-standalone ASIC, your best bet is a PC which uses spil few energy spil possible.

@Lohoris did not stress it enough. Do not invest on CPU/GPU hardware with the intent of mining Bitcoin. What you’ll spend on electric current will be several times more than the terugwedstrijd ter Bitcoin (yes, that’s how little BTC you will make).

Even low-end ASICs (which are several orders of magnitude more Hash/Watt efficient than CPU/GPU miners) are slightly cracking even, even after the price reached 1000USD+. I know because I have one!

If you’re asking if it’s worth buying one just for mining? Absolutely not. For mining purposes there’s nothing special about the MP.

When it comes to mining the simplest way to express how prompt you can mine is that ASICs are quicker than GPUs which are swifter than CPUs. There is of course variation within those categories, but te general that’s what you’re looking at.

Now, when you are attempting to figure your terugwedstrijd on investment if your question wasgoed “I have to buy a mac voor for some other purpose, would it be worth mining on it?” then maybe, assuming there’s some software supporting the GPU set te it. Then all you’d have to do is compare the difference inbetween the wattage it consumes while you’re mining with what your come back is.

If you were asking because you have $3000 searing a fuckhole te your pocket and you’re thinking that the MP will still be useful if bitcoin valuation plummets or someone releases some low-cost mining hardware out of nowhere – no, still very likely not. Because you could simply pick up some lower cost ASIC hardware that would do just spil well spil the MP for $300 and then still have the chance cost of that other $2700.

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