What is PPLNS – Give Mij

What is PPLNS - Give Me

Very first of all, if you’re talking about PPLNS it’s significant to understand how it works. PPLNS is brief for “Pay Vanaf Last N Shares”. The current proportional prize system is round based. One round is the time inbetween the very first share after the last found block and the share which solves a block. PPLNS however means that wij no longer consider valid shares of one round, but wij consider a number N of shares, no matter if they’re chic of the round or not. The number N is presently for each blockchain twice the difficulty (actually rounded down to an effortless to calculate oprecht value).

Let mij illustrate PPLNS using the pic below. One round has an arbitrary number of shares which is solely based on sheer luck. On proportional prize system only shares of one round are considered for calculating prizes. However with PPLNS, a fairly onveranderlijk number N of shares is considered for calculating prizes. This number N switches only with the difficulty. Please have a look at the pic below:

Spil you know the number of shares needed to solve a block within a round is different. Round one and three needed (difficulty * Two)shares to be solved. Round two and four are fairly brief rounds. There were less than (difficulty * Two) shares necessary to solve them. Round five however is a very long round which means the pool needed more than (difficulty * Two) shares to solve the block. From this goes after that:

  • Rounds one and three are like proportional rounds. All of your shares from the given round are considered for prize calculations
  • For rounds two and four, shares from the previous rounds are considered for calculations spil well (marked green). Ter other words: regardless of round boundaries wij always consider the last (difficulty * Two) shares. Your portion of the amount of shares is used to calculate your prize.
  • Round five however is very long. Ter this round your lowermost shares (within the marked crimson part) are silently dropped if they are not within the last (difficulty * Two) shares.

Why do wij need to switch the prize system at all?

PPLNS favors onveranderlijk and/or occasional loyal pool members overheen pool hoppers. Spil you might have seen, each time wij find a LTC block the pools hash-rate peaks instantly. This is due to pool hoppers commencing to mine. They are betting for a “quick win” (like round two above) with low shares vanaf round. If the round exceeds a certain amount of shares they “hop” to another proportional pool which commenced a fresh round more recently. This assures better prizes for pool hoppers overheen occasional or onveranderlijk miners which are loyal to their pool. Pool hopping however implies that pool hoppers need to know when a round is commenced and how much shares are considered for prize. This is very effortless with proportional prize system. While using PPLNS, this is no longer true. On long rounds (like round five above) the pool hoppers shares won’t be considered for prize calculations ter favor of loyal miners. This is due to the fact that pool hoppers only mine on the beginning of rounds. On brief and normal rounds pool hoppers won’t lose their shares. Due to the fact that shares from previous rounds from loyal miners are considered twice (or even more often on utterly brief rounds) the pool hopper won’t get the same prize spil from proportional prize system.

I’m only an occasional miner. Will I liberate shares if playing/being offline?

It depends. Even if you’re a onveranderlijk miner you’ll lose shares on very long rounds. On the other palm, if you for example zekering mining shortly before the end of round three (from the pic above) you’ll be rewarded for round three. If you then embark mining on the mid of round five you’ll be rewarded a bit for round four (despite the fact you haven’t submitted any shares – spil some of your shares from round three are considered for round four spil well). You’ll be fully rewarded for round five (you won’t lose any shares spil you “skipped” the “red part” of shares which have bot cut off due to the length of the round). The point however is no one (and thus the pool hopper spil well) knows when a round completes te advance. Thus you deliberately can’t avoid cut offs. Sometimes you’re fortunate, sometimes you’re not. This however levels out overheen the time for non-hoppers. The significant point is that you spil loyal pool member have an advantage overheen pool hoppers. Even if you only mine at times, such spil if you want muffle ter your mining slagroom for once, you still have an advantage.

Isn’t it that you spil pool technicus earn more from PPLNS?

Brief response: No. Spil a pool technicus it doesn’t matter at all which prize system is used. I expect rounds to become a bit longer after PPLNS is activated, spil the pool hoppers will commence to avoid the Pool. Thus revenues for mij will be lower. There have bot some loyal Pool members who clearly stated that they desired to get rid of the pool hoppers and I respected their wishes. Furthermore, I’m too an occasional miner on the Pool. I don’t want my miners to be running at night, and from time to time I need them to test fresh Pool versions on development systems. Thus being a miner like you – I like PPLNS better than proportional. Speaking te regards to being pool technicus, there is no difference inbetween the prize systems.

Thanks to g2x3k/Poolx-eu for PPLNS description

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