Add ASIC mining support – Customer Terugkoppeling for GroupFabric

Add ASIC mining support – Customer Feedback for GroupFabric


can you support the asic block erupterfor sha ?

Monero (CryptoNight) hashes require

256x more computation than Scrypt hashes. Also the underlying currencies are different, with different issuance cycles (Scrypt currencies tend to kwestie 25 vanaf block every Two.Five minutes, while Monero issues Five vanaf block every Two minutes). Monero is more zonderling and firmer to mine.

Tegenstelling with SHA-256d ter Bitcoin, which is

2048x Lighter to mine than Scrypt, but is worth significantly less due to it being mine-able with ASICs.

@Alex pls explain why 150 kilohashes earn less than 100 hashes if you do te the end mine for monero.

The problem with ASICs is they are a moving target – each ASIC uses a different interface and each proefje obsoletes the last version. If you have a limited number of engineering hours you can spend, you’re going to work on the things that help the most number of users very first.

An explicit objective of ours is to enable people to mine without needing outward investment, and there are a loterijlot of things wij can do to boost existing PC profitability still before ASICs (Ethash, CrytoNight, Xbox, Android, iOS support, etc.).

Also – most ASICs have dedicated mining software, so it’s not an under-served market. Generally once folks are looking to explicitly spend money on hardware, they also invest ter the specialized software for their hardware.

yes please, add ASIC support. Its odd that the Founder of groupfabric collective this very idea Four.Five years ago and is still commenting only Two months ago yet it still hasn’t bot implemented.. all those little USB wedges sitting around and collecting dust could go to some use. Love the app BTW, just wish there wasgoed a way to hash higher. would love to be able to connect my 2pac. Please develop it and take a puny percentage of the mining on top of your ad revenue to pay for it. Love the app BTW- excellent, effortless, idiot proof interface.

I love this webpagina,I let it run on an reserve pc and know I won’t make any money. I do have some toegevoegd 2pacs and would love to see support for thesis on this webpagina.

This pool is so futile! I will cease mining with this app spil soon spil I get my payout tomorrow(1-8-18) Too slow, no asic support, WASTED Electrical. Now, you are going to increase ondergrens payout 400%.

Many postbode comment but the admin still thinking about add asic

please suggest any budget asic miner which works with this software. also please give review on penetration/B00J4XPKJU

Please add USB ASIC mining support!

it would kinda be nice that when you get Five,000 satoshis that it would automaticly go to your wallet yes i know there will be inbetween time but lots of times i see no activity or diminished hash rate bad and when you eventually get the Five’000 to be told you got to wait yet again for a payout date i run this 24/7 minus the onveranderlijk interupts its just a little frustrating when you want to reinvest those earnings or to pay the basic up cost of being online running this ect.. well um yea

still no Coin took mij MONTHS of Mining to make 50 Bit Coins Ill zekering using it and go use BFG miner or PeonMiner on my RPB+ with a Lotsbestemming of ASIC miners and can make 10BC Vanaf Hour. with that I can abandon my Relate job at Wally World. GUys people running a GPU system are now few and Far inbetween now. Respectfully request Block Erupter support.

I agree with Chris’s comment. Why not add support for USB miner like GekkoScience? I have Ten Radeon movie cards that makes atleast $25 a day mining Ethereum.

I pointed all Ten of them at this and wasgoed only going to see 35 cents a day.

Cause I can only manage 1.8MH/s. But wij could indeed make some profit if wij could get up to the GH/s with a GekkoScience.

Having an Advanced menukaart that can list all your GPUs, CPUs, USB plunges would be user friendly.

Having support for USB Miners, such spil the Rev Two GekkoScience 2-Pac Compac USB Stick Bitcoin Miner provides 15 gh / sec. while a GPU is getting kh / sec or Mh / sec.

It is effortless to just buttplug Two or Trio 2-Pacs te a PC and provide 30 to 45 gh / sec to the network.

Spil a service, it improves your hash rate significantly.

Well I guess that Mining BTC is going to get futile te this difficulty, why not pay the people directly for running ads on their machine. Could be more profit for both.

Do you have Andriod App

suport foot mining for someone do not want to participate a mining pool and develope a phone mining APP

ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Specifically, Bitcoin miner ASICs are IC chips designed to do bitcoin mining. They are often combined te arrays to achieve much, much higher mining rates.

ASIC support wasgoed brought up four and a half years ago and so far nothing has bot done. Will it everzwijn?

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