Because the “good guys” on the team are forking to the fresh coin.

Because the “good guys” on the team are forking to the new coin.

Hello and welcome to my fresh and arousing blog where I will discuss the various ways to make money with bicoin! This titillating fresh digital currency has already made both rich guys poor, and poor boys rich with it’s meteoric rise ter price, followed by it’s instantaneous tumble after troubles with the Silk Road scandal, and then the problems MtGox wasgoed having!

If you are a Canuck like mij, you’ll might be interested te how to buy bitcoin te canada

Wij will train you the most popular ways to attempt to make money te the bitcoin industry including the two most popular methods which are mining bitcoins, and trading bitcoins. Wij will also voorkant some cool stuff like automated trading bots which are a excellent way to make some toegevoegd coin with the digital currency spil well spil bitcoin alternatives!

Thesis are very titillating times at arm and the worlds financial systems are literally crumbling around us. Bitcoin and other online currencies alike suggest up a prospective way to trade goods and services without the need for giant financial organizations and world banks.

Bitcoin has remained strong on most exchanges, even te the shadow of insane speculation about it’s future, which I do believe is a very good sign!

So wij’ll be covering lots and I hope you stick around to learn about it!

Significant Update On CYBSec (XCS) Coin. A Major Chance For XCS Holders

Please Read This Entire Postbode &, TAKE Activity

This is an amazing chance for all CybCSec (XCS) coin holders.

It has come to my attention (thanks to Evgeny Kasperovich) that the CybCSec (XCS) coin will be forking into a fresh coin called ARMR due to a lack of a working CybCSec blockchain and functioning development team.

The details of this fork can be found on a pinned postbode their official Telegram Channel (you’ll have to be signed up to Telegram to read it). However, I’ll list the most significant details and steps you should be taking before Jan 9th for all coin holders ter the remainder of this postbode.

Now after reading some of that it will seem like the XCS coin is literally going to evaporate into skinny air, and the team will abandon it. So why would I still invest? Elementary. Because the “good guys” on the team are forking to the fresh coin.

A fork is what happens when a crypto currency splits off to form a fresh coin. This has already happened numerous times with the two most popular examples being Ethereum forking into Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin forking into Bitcoin Metselspecie. The physical development team (real people) actually leave the original team and embark a fresh coin with a copy of the original source code of the software, and modify if to make the fresh coin. There is a split of both software and development team.

When a fork happens, you can typically keep your original coins (ter this case XCS), and if you have them stored decently ter your XCS wallet, you’ll receive an equal amount of the fresh coin (ter this case ARMR).

This becomes an chance because you will retain your original coins PLUS receive the fresh coins ter an equal amount. If you have Ten,000 XCS ter your wallet at the time of the fork, you’ll receive Ten,000 ARMR for free.

When Bitcoin forked into Bitcoin Metselspecie, if you held 1 BTC (worth around $20,000), you also received 1 BCH (now worth around $2800). It’s basically free profit (or value) if both coins succeed.

The worst case screenplay after the fork, is both coins fail and you lose everything.

The best case screenplay after the fork, is both coins succeed and your investment balloons.

But I’d rather have two shots at success for the cost of 1. Meaning you only have to invest 1 time, to hold both coins. If either or both teams succeed, you win.

Here are the significant details from the pinned telegram postbode that you need to pay attention to.

If you have your coins (XCS) ter your wallet before 9th January at 1:00 PM GMT+1 you will be eligible to voorkeur your ARMR te the snapshot. There will be no 2nd time, no other ways to get ter. So, get your coins to a desktop wallet (downloadable from

After your coins are ter your wallet it is almost time to ease off. You need to ensure you have a backup (wij recommend having more than one ter more than one location) of your wallet.dat verkeersopstopping (from your XCS wallet). spil you will need it to optie your ARMR coins.

What Do I Need To Do To Take Advantage Of This Upcoming Fork?

  1. If you don’t hold any XCS coin, but you’d like to take advantage of this for, go to CoinExchange and buy some XCS now! If you already hold XCS, than goto the next step.
  2. Download the XCS Wallet from their webstek. Make sure you grab the right wallet type for your operating system.
  3. Open your wallet and let it FULLY sync. It should toebijten automatically once you open the wallet. Your wallet will have to download the entire blockchain (239,539 blocks), so this could take a while (it took mine approx 30 mins). Leave your rekentuig ON while it syncs.
  4. Once the wallet has fully synced, do a VERY Petite transfer for your XCS coins from CoinExchange to your wallet to test that you receive the coins.
  5. If Step Four wasgoed successful, stir the remainder of your coins to your wallet.
  6. Most significant: Make sure once all the steps above are ended, to leave your wallet OPEN and ONLINE on your pc for 9th January at 1:00 PM GMT+1. This will permit the snapshot to take place and ensure you’ll receive your ARMR coins when they release te March.

Once all your coins are securely stored on your wallet, you’ll receive instructions on how to receive the fresh ARMR coins.

When wij release the fresh ARMR wallet, you will be able to use your XCS wallet.dat verkeersopstopping to voorwaarde your ARMR coins (wij will give instructions how to do this), and you will get to keep your XCS coins to do whatever you want with them.

Ok that’s it. Hopefully you take advantage of this phat chance, and wij all make some nice profits! If you have any comments or questions, please leave them on this postbode and I’ll do my best to reaction them all ter a timely manner.

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