Bitcoin Contant Used to Pay for Music Records, Bounty Cards, Plastic Surgery – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Cash Used to Pay for Music Records, Gift Cards, Plastic Surgery - Bitcoin News

With BTC transactions taking forever to finish and fees higher than everzwijn, the adoption of bitcoin contant by puny businesses and big miners is going strong. The latest examples of this include paying for everything from plastic surgery to music records.

Genesis Mining

Cloud-based cryptocurrency mining company Genesis Mining yesterday announced suggesting Bitcoin Metselspecie spil an automatically traded option. Meantime, the fully minable option for all bitcoin mining contracts will be available soon, the company promised.

Founded te 2013, Genesis Mining is one of the largest cloud-based cryptocurrency mining ventures globally. It provides hashing power to many miners from all overheen the world, focusing on bitcoin, dash, ethereum, litecoin, zcash and monero (which is the only contract ter stock at the ogenblik). Now miners can automatically trade their proceeds for bitcoin metselspecie and thus hedge against it taking off without them.

Music Records, Bounty Cards and Plastic Surgery

Once miners get their forearms on some bitcoin contant they can use it for more than just trading, like paying for music records, bounty cards and even plastic surgery.

Music records store Eruce announced a few days ago that it has switched to BCH spil its official currency for album order payment. The company used to accept BTC payment but now they explain that: “in the last Two months, our customers found out it would be very difficult to get their payments confirmed. Usually, our albums cost from $1 to few bucks. With current status of Bitcoin Core, its unlikely for us to proceed our journey with them.”

And, if you are ter need of some breast augmentations, tummy tucks or other forms of cosmetic surgery, just head down to Florida. Dr. Danny Soares, a plastic surgeon and Director of a medical center te the Sunshine State , has recently made public his decision to accept BCH spil a method of payment for elective surgical procedures. The good doctor has even called on his fellow nip tuck artists to do the same.

Ultimately, if you are looking to buy some bounty cards for Amazon, Steam, iTunes, Starbucks or many other popular services, someone has launched a fresh webstek called just for you. It exclusively accepts bitcoin metselspecie, suggesting merchants a toneelpodium to sell their products to the bitcoin contant community while avoiding volatility risks. It has only bot up for a few weeks so the webpagina is not very polished yet, has daily spending thresholds and other growing aches, but will be interesting to see how it develops.

Are you looking to get a face lift or the latest Ariana Grande album with your bitcoin metselspecie? Share your thoughts te the comments section below!

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