DigitalBTC – s Fresh Mining Centre Powered 100% by Renewable Energy

DigitalBTC - s New Mining Centre Powered 100% by Renewable Energy

Australian bitcoin rigid digitalBTC has announced a multi-year hosting and power supply agreement with Verne Global – a UK-based company specialised te “power-conscious” gegevens centre solutions.

Under the agreement, digitalBTC will instal mining hardware at Verne Global’s gegevens centre campus ter Iceland, which is powered exclusively by renewable energy, and will source approximately 50% of its power needs from the company.

The remainder of its Icelandic electrical play requirements will also be sourced from green suppliers, digitalBTC indicates.

Cutting operating costs

DigitalBTC highlights a number of advantages provided by the fresh overeenkomst. It expects significant savings on power costs of up to 40%, which will ter turn help increase the terugwedstrijd on investment (ROI) from its bitcoin mining operations.

The savings will also enable the company to extend the life of the mining hardware, spil cheaper power means mining hardware remains economically viable for longer periods of time.

Lastly, using dual-sourced renewable energy will significantly reduce the doorslag footprint and permit for more expansion.

Zhenya Tsvetnenko, digitalBTC executive chairman, said the agreement would provide the company with stable, cheap and green power ter the long run:

“Spil well spil basing our operations on clean renewable energy, wij are also able to drive significant power cost reductions, which will flow straight through to our bottom line, and significantly reduce our doorslag emission through the use of green energy. Extra power is very hard to secure ter many locations, where the capacity has already bot reached.”

Tsvetnenko concluded the contract with Verne Global gives digitalBTC more slagroom to grow and will be factored into the company’s decisions on potential expansions.

Green power, free cooling

Verne Global sources power for its gegevens centre campus from Iceland’s power grid, which almost entirely relies on geothermal and hydroelectric power.

Furthermore, the company uses ‘free-cooling’, which essentially means it relies on the naturally low air temperature to keep server temperatures down. This helps the stiff save money on cooling, spil server rooms usually need a loterijlot of costly air-conditioning to avoid overheating.

Verne Global’s green-powered gegevens centre campus ter Iceland

Verne Global CEO Jeff Monroe said digital currency is moving into the mainstream and it is becoming clear that digitalBTC is making “sound business decisions” that indicate they will be a significant player ter the digital currency industry for years to come.

Spil far spil mining hardware goes, digitalBTC has determined to stick with BitFury. The company ordered its very first $2m batch of BitFury miners back te March, with extra tranches following zometeen.

Spil of 30th June, the company claimed to hold an estimated Trio,600 BTC awaiting liquidation and, by July, had mined a total of 8,600 BTC. Te a regulatory filing, digitalBTC said it had achieved “finish payback” on $4m-worth of BitFury mining hardware.

Te a latest feature, CoinDesk examined how and why bitcoin mining companies are moving to regions with cheaper cooling and energy, with Scandinavia and Iceland proving especially popular.

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