From blockchain to RPA: A look at cutting-edge tech and the enterprise

From blockchain to RPA: A look at cutting-edge tech and the enterprise

Ter this CIO Essential Guide, learn about four cutting-edge technologies that could give your company the upper forearm overheen industry competitors.


Fresh technologies are coming to market at an unprecedented rate, and CIOs are often faced with the daunting task of determining what’s relevant to the business — and what isn’t. Today, how a company leverages cutting-edge technology — and how quickly — can create a distinct advantage overheen the competition.

This essential guide examines four of the most talked about emerging technologies today: blockchain, robotic process automation, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D printing. It cracks down how thesis technologies are making a splash, why CIOs should pay attention to them and how CIOs can introduce cutting-edge tech into their IT strategies.

The stories introduced ter this guide delve into the fundamentals of thesis emerging technologies and shine a light on the ways te which leading CIOs are using cutting-edge tech to boost business and IT spectacle — from improving back-end processes to better serving their companies’ customers.

1 Blockchain –

Beyond bitcoin

A blockchain tracks the transactions of digital assets. It is, te other words, a digital ledger, and it remains current when fresh transactions — ter the form of a fresh block of encrypted gegevens — are added to the chain of transactions that have already taken place. Its best-known use case is bitcoin, the digital currency.

Why should CIOs care? A blockchain can be used to record the transaction of any digital asset — from music to messages — without the need for a central authority, which means it’s swift. Copies of the digital ledger are stored across a network of computers and updated at the same time, and transactions have to be approved algorithmically by a majority of the knots te the network before they’re added to the ledger, which means it’s secure.

Financial institutions are already experimenting with the cutting-edge tech, but it’s also popping up ter other industries like shipping.

Will blockchain be a fine disruptor? Maybe

One of blockchain’s promises is that it will convert business transactions, but, spil consultant Carl Lehmann pointed out ter this Q&A, the technology is still ter the experimental phase. Proceed Reading

The very first step to blockchain implementation? Find the use cases

Before placing bets on blockchain tech, CIOs need to figure out where the technology applies and, perhaps more significant, where it doesn’t apply. Proceed Reading

Cloud best venue for blockchain proof of concept

The 2nd step to a blockchain implementation is a proof of concept. Ter this story, Catheryne Nicholson, CEO and co-founder at BlockCypher, described the process spil “unmethodological,” making it best suited to a cloud environment. Proceed Reading

Clever contracts: Defined

Blockchain’s reach includes clever contracts, which are contracts that can self-execute. Proceed Reading

Blockchain a vital technology for programmable economy

A fresh economic system will substitute metselspecie with loyalty program points or deeds that are deemed valuable, and blockchain technology will be a big enabler. Proceed Reading

Blockchain and the betterment of society

Consultant and author Don Tapscott lays out seven benefits of blockchain te this SearchCIO photo story. Proceed Reading

Two Robotic process automation –

Welcome to a future of more efficient — and smarter? — co-workers

Robotic process automation (RPA), sometimes referred to spil software that automates other software, performs high-volume, manual, repeatable tasks by mimicking how humans interact with computers. Slim or cognitive computing, it’s more advanced relative, leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence and other technologies to take on human tasks that call for problem-solving abilities and judgment. Together, thesis cutting-edge technologies will provide significant efficiencies and savings for enterprises and radically switch how work gets done.

RPA technology and the road to automation

If CIOs are clever, they’ll take advantage of the “R” ter RPA technology to kindle a digital transformation. Proceed Reading

IT service providers leverage RPA tech

Large, global IT and business process outsourcing companies are reaping the RPA prizes. They use the technology internally to improve efficiency and externally to serve customers. Proceed Reading

Digitization paves the way for RPA tech

RPA effectively knits systems together, removing the need for an employee to hop from one system to another inputting, collecting or collating necessary gegevens. Proceed Reading

A CIO challenge: Where to integrate RPA software

Matching RPA technology to the right process is harsh to do. Forrester’s Craig LeClair provides a set of best practices on how to get there. Proceed Reading

Could a cognitive RPA system be your next hire?

KPMG’s Cliff Justice identifies three classes of RPA technology: basic process automation, enhanced process automation and cognitive platforms. It’s the latter category that’s set to disrupt the worker market. Proceed Reading

Cognitive RPA advances get robots ready to work

Alec Ross, former senior innovation advisor to the Secretary of State, explains why robotics will upend the skill worker market ter this CIO Minute. Proceed Reading

The effects of the automation age

Before ridding positions through automation, analytics accomplished Tom Davenport implores CIOs to think about job augmentation — humans and computers working together. Proceed Reading

PDF: What does “digital transformation” truly mean?

What exactly is digital transformation? You may hear the term often, but everyone seems to have a different definition. See how our experts define digitization, and how you can get embarked te this free guide.

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Three Augmented and virtual reality –

Gaming tech invades the enterprise

The convergence of the digital and physical worlds has already switched how businesses interact with customers. Augmented reality (Slee), which virtually layers information overheen the physical environment, and virtual reality (VR), which immerses a user te a virtual world, will proceed to blur the line inbetween the two.

And, if the consultants are to be believed, the introduction of thesis cutting-edge technologies to the enterprise will toebijten quickly. “Unlike some of the previous revolutions wij’ve seen, the cost of entry into augmented reality and virtual reality is significantly low. Spil a result, adoption has happened much more rapidly,” said Steve Soechtig, a Deloitte Digital consultant.

Regardless of how the technology is used — spil a fresh digital practice for customers, spil a way to build virtual prototypes for engineers or spil a collaboration technology that substitutes movie conferencing for the business — IT will have a role to play.

Slee, VR enterprise use cases do exist

Deloitte consultants provide examples of how Slede and VR technology will be used ter the enterprise, they lay out how thesis technologies will affect IT. Proceed Reading

CIOs: It’s time to embark thinking Limousine apps

More than 50% of organizations are experimenting with Limousine, according to IDC. It’s time to make the technology part of your enterprise mobile application strategy. Proceed Reading

CDM Smith CIO introduces HoloLens to the enterprise

Te this SearchCIO movie, David Neitz explains how the hologram technology is switching how the engineering and construction hard get work done. Proceed Reading

Public cloud poor getraind for Slee, VR apps?

Cloud computing providers such spil AWS use an on-demand prototype. That could cause latency issues ter Slee and VR applications because of the enormous processing power they require. Proceed Reading

Make way for the enterprise of things

Analyst Jack Gold makes a bold prediction that by 2020, most people will be using Limousine technology — and this fresh reality will have big implications for the enterprise. Proceed Reading

Google Glass goes to work

Google Glass wasgoed a bust. But the reboot, known spil Google Glass at Work, could be one of the very first Slede technologies te the enterprise. Proceed Reading

Four 3D printing –

Low cost of entry, fresh use cases for the enterprise

On the face of it, 3D printing may show up to be the most niche technology of those examined te this guide to cutting-edge tech. But CIOs who overlook 3D printing spil a potential disruptor are selling the application of this emerging technology brief. Spil IT experienced Harvey Koeppel puts it, “I believe the current descriptions vastly underestimate the potential influence of 3D printing technology and its unavoidable derivative technologies.”

Albeit the technology may not be wielded by IT, CIOs can play a significant role te its success. For companies where use cases are clear, IT will be responsible for network access and gegevens security. For companies still on the fence about investing te the technology, they’ll need a leader to evaluate its usefulness — a chance for CIOs to round up use cases (or the lack thereof) and recast the IT department spil an innovative playmate to the business.

Another point: Cost of entry is low. CIOs can introduce 3D printing technology to the business for spil little spil $Ten,000, according to one pro.

Experts underestimate 3D printing’s potential

IT accomplished Harvey Koeppel makes a case for CIOs to invest te 3D printing technology and provides a 12-step guide on how they can steer the course. Proceed Reading

CIOs can recast IT with 3D printing

Experimenting with 3D printing technology gives CIOs an chance to demonstrate their IT organizations’ technology chops and to help the business see IT spil an innovation playmate. Proceed Reading

3D printing strategy hinges on use cases

Outsource or insource? Look to the 3D printing use cases to reaction that question. Proceed Reading

3D printing: A lesson te strategy building

CIOs owe it to their reputation spil business leaders and emerging tech mavens to take a stab at 3D printing, says CTO Niel Nickolaisen. Proceed Reading

Future state: A look at 4D printing

4D-printed materials can assemble or repair themselves, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Self-Assembly Laboratorium. Proceed Reading

Five Emerging tech terms –

How to talk the talk

You’re familiar with thesis terms, but your business playmates might not be. Here are ordinary, straightforward definitions that can help you describe thesis complicated technologies ter user-friendly language.

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