Is Bitcoin Set to Substitute Gold spil a Safe Toevluchthaven? CoinSpeaker

Is Bitcoin Set to Replace Gold as a Safe Haven? CoinSpeaker

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One of the reasons why gold is considered spil hedge to a failing economy is because of its inverse correlation with fiat money.

When investors are bearish toward currencies, gold prices rise spil a result and vice versa. The traditional trend is that investors turn to gold during economic slumps. However, with Bitcoin becoming enhancing popular many economists are embarking to believe that the cryptocurrency could substitute gold spil a safe toevluchthaven.

Bitcoin’s latest strides make it one of the most successful investments te history. Bitcoin prices recently surged by $Two,700 ter just 24 hours and klapper $Legal,353 vanaf coin – a feat that no other non-crypto asset wasgoed able to achieve ter latest time. Its capability to outshine other assets during an economic slump is one of the reasons why some investors are telling that the cryptocurrency might substitute gold spil safe toevluchthaven te the future.

JP Morgan Pursue is one of the multinational banking companies that believe this, telling that the forthcoming launch of Bitcoin’s futures contracts adds legitimacy and appeal to the cryptocurrency market.

Gold and Bitcoin: a Comparison

One of the most noticeable similarities inbetween the two asset classes is how their prices surge amid an economic slump. Based on FXCM’s gold price chart, the precious yellow metal’s prices surged to $1,330 te July 2016 from a $1,250 value te June.

Amassing gold is a centuries-old response to geopolitical events, and the EU referendum vote last year wasgoed no different. Gold prices climbed instantly after the UK opted to leave the EU, spil investors turned toward traditional safe toevluchthaven assets. Gold’s price reached a 3-year high spil Brexit worries intensified last year.

Similarly, Bitcoin is seen by some investors spil a safe toevluchthaven now because its prices are unaffected by currency crashes. Like gold, Bitcoin prices go up when current events make investors bearish toward currencies. The Brexit final vote is yet to come, and the GBP may slide further because of its uncertainty. Spil a result, some investors today are not only buying gold, but also Bitcoin.

Today, Bitcoin prices are still surging despite months-old speculations of the cryptocurrency coming in a bubble. More merchants are accepting Bitcoin spil a legitimate way to pay for goods and services, and the Japanese government is one of the very first countries to support the cryptocurrency. Like gold, Bitcoin can now be used for trade te most countries should major currencies crash.

Skepticism Surrounding Bitcoin spil a Safe Toevluchthaven

Other economists, however, disagree that Bitcoin can substitute gold spil a safe toevluchthaven asset. The strongest argument that economists have on this punt is the fact that unlike gold, Bitcoin is not a physical investment. Traditionally, an asset that cannot be used for things other than currency cannot be classified spil a safe toevluchthaven. Gold, exclusief from its use spil a currency, can be used for many other things including medicine, developing modern devices, and creating jewellery.

Bitcoin’s investment status is unclear spil well. According to a document provided by ARK Invest and Coinbase, it wasgoed mentioned that Bitcoin belongs to its own asset class. This means that the cryptocurrency is not officially recognized a commodity. Historically, investors turn to commodities like gold, oil, corn, wheat – physical assets that can be consumed – when currencies fail. Spil such, some economists say that Bitcoin should be considered spil an alternative investment instead of safe toevluchthaven.

With surging prices, Bitcoin is presently doing gold’s job ter providing investors a hedge to an economic slump. If Bitcoin can pass the test of time spil a safe toevluchthaven asset for declining currencies, just like gold did ter the past, economists say that more investors may consider the cryptocurrency spil the precious yellow metal’s true rival.

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