Make money mining Bitcoin

Make money mining Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is an independent currency that requires computing power to function. By mining Bitcoins, money can be made. If you quickly want to see how plain it is to mine Bitcoing attempt generating Bitcoin at

Many of us have heard of Bitcoin but few know how it indeed works. The Bitcoin currency is gaining rapid momentum especially now that accepts payment with Bitcoin. Besides trading te Bitcoin (just spil one would trade with money e.g. you pay for a service or product), Bitcoin can be earned by mining (mining is essentially using a laptop to solve calculations that power the Bitcoin network).

What is needed for Bitcoin Mining

It’s possible to mine Bitcoin using your huis pc. Here is what you need.

What services, hardware and software are needed

Here is what you need to mine:

  1. A pc (more about using computers to mine zometeen te this article*).
  2. GUIMiner software (free to download and use).
  3. Bitcoin software or an Online wallet using an independent service (I use Block Chain)
  4. Optional: Join a mining pool (I use BTC Guild), joining a pool is advises spil you’ll then earn money on a regular ondergrond rather than having to wait months or years to mine enough to earn your very first payout.

*A note about using your huis rekentuig to mine, spil the number of Bitcoins that will everzwijn be mined is restricted, the algorithms keep getting more ingewikkeld requiring everzwijn enlargening computing power. Te the early days of Bitcoin mining a CPU worked well for mining however now high spectacle Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is needed spil GPUs are able to compute the Bitcoin algorithms way quicker than CPUs. If you attempted generating Bitcoin at you were using a CPU therefore you would have noticed just how slow a CPU is at mining Bitcoin.

How to be a miner

Very first, either install the Bitcoin software on your pc or use an Online Bitcoin wallet (spil mentioned above I use Block Chain but I indeed don’t know if they are any better than the others). Then join a mining pool and add your Bitcoin Address (which you’ll get from e.g. Block Chain) so that you may receive any Bitcoin you’ve mined te your Wallet. Now, run GUIMiner on your local laptop and the settings so that you mine for your pool (e.g. I use BTC Guild so I come in BTC Guild te the GUIMiner Server field). Once ready click Embark Mining! te GUIMiner and see spil Shares are accepted (a Share is your contribution to the pool which has an economic Bitcoin value).

How much will I earn?

Here is the bad news, it’s very unlikely that mining at huis will be profitable. Very first of all will take a very long time (months or years) to mine any significant amount of Bitcoin using a standard huis or office laptop. Ter addition, the electric current used to run your laptop will increase with mining and, if you mine at work, your IT department will soon be asking you to zekering using near 100% GPU or CPU on your rekentuig.

Te addition the computing power needed to mine Bitcoins is enhancing rapidly. Oh and also, the payout amount for mined Bitcoin is due to fall sharply anytime soon. This is because there is a finite amount of Bitcoins that will everzwijn be available to be mined and the more people there are mining, and the fewer Bitcoins available to mine, so the cost of mining goes up ter relation to the prizes (i.e. basic supply/request economics).

It’s joy to learn how to mine Bitcoin but it isn’t profitable.

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