Nimiq FAQ

Nimiq FAQ

Wij’ve waterput together a list of answers for the most frequently asked questions.

Top Questions

The Testnet is a demonstration of what’s possible with Nimiq’s unique Browser-based treatment. The Testnet lets you mine, receive and send transactions ter your Browser just by opening a webpagina. Luna is the 2nd version of our Testnet. You can learn more about it here. The NIM you mine or transact te the Testnet are Luna NIM. Luna NIM hold no intrinsic value and are used only for testing.

Televisiekanaal is an ERC-20 (Ethereum based) token distributed during the contribution period. Nipt will be substituted with Nimiq (NIM) shortly before the launch of the Nimiq Mainnet. A total of Ten’500’000 Netwerken were distributed.

Televisiekanaal are available at Liqui and EtherDelta.

NIM is the token of the Nimiq Blockchain. The Nimiq Blockchain is still under development (have a look at our current Testnet here). Before wij launch the final version of the Nimiq Blockchain wij will provide a web device to substitute your Televisiekanaal with NIM at a rate of 1 Televisiekanaal = 100 NIM, including anticipated steps required for regulatory compliance.

About Nimiq

Nimiq is a Browser-based Blockchain designed for plainness. Nimiq’s reason of existence is to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to humankind. To achieve that purpose Nimiq has bot built from the ground up to conquer the barriers that inhibit the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. Nimiq is encompassed by a strong philanthropic mindset, it will always remain open-source and community-driven.

Main differentiators:

  • Nimiqs single purpose is to solve the payment protocol problem. Ordinary, rapid and secure payments from User A to User B.
  • Browser-based and installation-free since it is written ter Javascript ES6 and communicates via WebSockets + WebRTC for connecting to the network without a trusted third party.
  • Light clients permit you to establish Blockchain overeenstemming ter seconds, requiring less download gegevens than a song.
  • Near instant transactions via off-chain transactions.
  • Long-term commitment and good cause contribution embedded into the Genesis-Block.

Official information is published on our Blog and Twitter account. You can also join our Telegram, Slack or WeChat groups to be a part of our quick growing community. If you still want more you can also find us on Reddit and Steemit.

Luna Testnet

Yes, each time you open the Testnet with a fresh Browser it will create a fresh wallet (Private/Public keys) for you and store them te your browser using the Web Storage API.

No, the only way for your browser to delete your wallet is by deleting offline gegevens.

An invoer/uitvoer instrument is presently te our roadmap. For now you can use your browser’s developer console (open it by hitting F12).

const keys = Nimiq.KeyPair.fromHex(‘<,the wallet seed you got by exporting>,’),

terugwedstrijd walletStore.waterput(‘keys’, keys),

Note that importing a wallet overwrites your current wallet, so be sure to uitvoer your current wallet very first.


Not at all, wij designed Nimiq to be able to run ter your Browser without toegevoegd software. That doesn’t mean it works only ter your Browser. You can use any device that supports NodeJS to run a Backbone Client.

Wij are very excited about the technology but wij feel it still needs more research and testing before being introduced ter worldwide environment. Wij are considering its use ter a straks stage of the Nimiq Blockchain but this is yet to be determined.

  • Block time: 1 minute (inspired by the results of On the Security and Spectacle of Proof of Work Blockchains).
  • Block prize: starts with

Five NIM (Four.9650669) and is diminished te a curved style (inspired ter Monero and Cryptonote) proportional to the block height and remaining Nimiq supply. The prize remains onveranderlijk once a certain block height is reached.

  • Max Block size: 1 MB
  • Difficulty adjustment: Every 120 blocks.
  • Total supply: 21 Bio Coins divisible by Ten which accounts for a total suply ter smallest units of 21e14 (just like Bitcoin)
  • Note that thesis are the current parameters of our Testnet. The parameters for the MainNet will be adapted based on the gained practice from the Testnet.


    Absolutely, any server or low-end device that runs NodeJS can mine Nimiq.

    The Luna Testnet uses Argon2 spil PoW algorithm which wij’ll most likely also use for the Mainnet. Argon2 wasgoed designed and optimized to ensure that GPUs or similar processors won’t be able to hash a loterijlot quicker than regular CPUs. The mining speed is strapped by memory and cache latency instead of processing power, resulting ter diminished power consumption on modern CPUs. The best hardware for mining Argon2 is unknown at this point, spil optimized miners have not bot developed yet.

    Yes. You would just need to uitvoer your private key and invoer it ter any other Browser or Backbone client.

    Nimiq is an Inuit word used for an object or a force which ties things together.

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