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Simple Monero Miner - Coin Hive - WordPress Plugins


This plugin permits you to earn money alternatively by mining monero on visitors CPU. you can control the throttle(efficiency) of your users cpu, hence 100% usage(draining) is overriden.

Refer screenshots to get it effortless


  • Mine on Users CPU
  • Widgets like authedmine to showcase users about mining, and give control to increase, reduce, zekering.
  • Top/Bottom Buffet, Notification Popup to display users about mining (Refer Screenshots).
  • Visual Control options for all visual aspects like text, color, etc.
  • statistics for total hashes, hashes running vanaf seconds, total pending monero to payout
  • Block for Mobile Option

Creating Public Key from Coin Hive

To create public key, signup –, and go to, then copy the Webpagina Key (public) value and paste it into plugin input field.


Once done, earning statistics is available on both plugin settings pagina and

Who suits it well

If you are running streaming websites, content websites, gaming websites or wherever users spending loterijlot of time, its best to liquidate ads and run mining.

Notifying Users

  1. Run Invisible
  2. Top/Bottom Buffet
  3. Notification Popup(top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)
  4. Widget
  5. Shortcode

Except Run Invisible, all methods used to notify users about mining.

It is the webstek duty to disclose the mining information using our widgets/notification boxes or privacy policy pagina.

Visual Controls

All options listed below can be modified using plugin configurations.

Mining Informations

  1. Popup/Caf Position
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Text Color
  5. Container Color
  6. Button Text Color
  7. Background Color
  8. Time to hide the Mining Informatie opbergruimte(te seconds)
  9. voorstelling only for very first session
  10. Hashes Texts
  11. Hide Hashes Controls or Informations

Mining switches by users(zekering/begin, demonstrate only for very first session) are stored te cookie, which used when user come back to our webstek to give best practice.


Use this below shortcode to add to your webstek.

or for inwards php template


It takes loterijlot of time &, effort to develop a plugin which solely solves the problem for everyone. If you consider that, it is worth that place, please donate to us. Which will also inspire us to do more, contribute more.

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