Telekom Slovenije

Telekom Slovenije

Ter the Telekom Slovenia Group the highlight of the very first six months were the preparations for the planned merger of the group’s two largest companies, Telekom Slovenije and Mobitel. This wasgoed the management board’s priority project, which wasgoed successfully ended on 1 July. Ter spite of several unsuccessful attempts te the past the project is now finish.

The merger permits for a unified market presence, a comprehensive suggest of the group’s services and better orientation towards users. It also provides streamlining and optimization of business processes, systems, and technologies. The economic and market conditions confirm that the merger inbetween Telekom Slovenia and Mobitel wasgoed essential for meeting long-term market goals and exploiting all the synergies ter electronic communications, IT, and media. According to the report on the merger the meteen financial effects of the merger by 2015 are valued at approximately €140 million. The very first effects will already be recorded this year. Telekom Slovenije primarily expects better operating results of the entire group spil a consequence of more efficient management, better use of synergies, unified market presence, higher sales and lower costs. The value of the Telekom Slovenije capital enlargened by €200 million following the merger and that will proportionally affect the rise te the book value of its shares.


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€25.1 million netwerken profit ter the very first half of 2011

Telekom Slovenia Group generated €25.1 million netwerk profit ter the very first half of 2011. Other mid-year financial indicators are encouraging spil well. It seems that the negative trends from 2010 managed to turn positive. This also proves that the decisive measures taken by the management houtvezelplaat improved the group’s operations. The measures included lowering all types of costs, restructuring the operations of the subsidies abroad, switches te sales and marketing, renovating the business processes and optimizing the working capital. They were ter line with the strategic project for Telekom Slovenia Group until 2015 that wasgoed adopted te April.

Business Internet and Telephony Price Project

Telekom Slovenije recently suggested a converged services bundle, which is at the same time the very first snaak opoffering since the merger of Telekom Slovenije and Mobitel, and has bot designed for business customers. The “Poslovni komplet telefonije ter internet” (Business Internet and Telephony Set) price project includes at least two immobile and mobile connections, free calls inbetween stationary and mobile numbers within the company, a friendly price from motionless company numbers to Mobitel mobile numbers, internet speeds from Ten/Ten Mbit/s ter optical network or at least Two Mbit/s ter copper network, wireless connection of the devices within the company via fresh multifunctional modem, etc. The price is also very good, since its basic variant of the price project costs only €69.90 vanaf month.

Administered Local Area Network

An administered local network is a comprehensive service within which Telekom Slovenije provides for the installation at the subscriber, administration and maintenance of active LAN (Local Area Network) equipment. If a passive LAN network has not bot built at the subscriber yet, they will also provide for the latter, Depending on the customer’s requirements they prepare a primary technical solution, whereby they use standard equipment, suggested to the subscriber on lease te combination with administration and maintenance. The equipment remains the property of Telekom Slovenije, who provides for installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting, while the monthly charge to the subscriber includes the lease and administration of the solution. They provide three different levels of the Slaatje service quality assurance – basic, standard, and above standard, with the standard level already included te the subscription toverfee.

Slovenian Basketball team goes to Lithuania with Mobitel’s Komunikator

Ter Ljubljana’s main shopping centre BTC City, Mobitel hosted the members of the Slovenian basketball team who will represent Slovenian colours at the European basketball championship te Lithuania inbetween 31 August and Eighteen September 2011. Spil a proud sponsor of the Slovenian basketball team, Mobitel talent the team Komunikator devices, through which they will be connected with their loved ones all the time during their stay te Lithuania. At the event the BTC City visitors had the chance to meet the team, ask questions, and rival with them te aiming at the basket, take pictures with them, and get an autograph.

Fresh films ter SiOL TV movie library!

SiOL TV introduced the latest summer speelfilm hits, which are available to the subscribers of the mentioned services te the house movie library. SiOL TV subscribers can observe a multiplicity of films on request, from romantic comedies, act, to crime.

The M:Windows Phone 7 Competition Presents overheen 40 Apps

Overheen 40 apps for the Windows Phone 7 handsets meeting all the criteria have bot submitted ter the M:Windows Phone 7 competition, which is organized by Microsoft Slovenia and Mobitel. The applications are now available to all Windows Phone 7 smartphone users free of charge te the Windows Phone Marketplace online store and on the Tehnik webstek. All applications are also eligible for the competition for best app, which is open until Five September 2011.

Cloud Computing – The Sky Is the Limit

Telekom Slovenije is strategically coming in into the increasingly topical cloud computing market. Te the future it will provide its users with adaptable and upgradeable ICT services with given availability under set terms of service.

Not All Beginnings Are Hard

Some time ago, Telekom Slovenije ready the SiOL Zacetek (SiOL Beginning) service for all beginners getting to know the internet. SiOL Zacetek comprises delivery and installation of all the necessary equipment and basic training at huis. The price of the service is also very attractive. Wij have made a step forward and added Prvi Vstop (Very first Entry) to this service for beginners.

Telekom Slovenije Wins Prestigious International Award

Telekom Slovenije received one of the Innovation Awards 2011 conferred by the Global Telecoms Business for the most innovative solution produced through a collaboration inbetween an internet service provider and a network equipment manufacturer. Telekom Slovenije and Ixia Technologies received the award for the Carrier multiplay service assurance – IxRave integrated solution ter the category of broadband service innovation te a motionless network infrastructure.

Implementing a Next Generation of VDSL2

Ter May Telekom Slovenije began selling SiOL services based on the next generation of VDSL2 technology. Wij stopped sales of old VDSL2 technology-based services, spil wij were running out of Proteus modems, which are not available any more. Service offerande, price, and speed on the fresh VDSL2 remain the same.

SiOL Increases Gegevens Rates for Its Subscribers to Up to 15Mb/s Free of Charge

Te the coming days Telekom Slovenije is preparing a very special verrassing for its loyal users. Te June 2011, it will bounty its subscribers with a free-of-charge increase ter the gegevens rate, thus raising internet speeds across Slovenia. Depending on the selected SiOL internet package or internet and TV package, spil well spil on the technology used, the gegevens rates will increase to up to 15Mb/s. Waterput more simply, users with the internet package (without TV) with ADSL technology and a current gegevens rate of 2Mb/s will now love the gegevens rate of 4Mb/s, and the gegevens rate for users with internet and TV packages using the ADSL technology will increase from the current 2Mb/s to up to 10Mb/s.

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