When Will My Graphics Card Zekering Mining Ether? 2Miners Blog

When Will My Graphics Card Stop Mining Ether? 2Miners Blog

Let’s Talk About DAG

DAG is a dataset overheen 1GB ter size used by Dagger Hashimoto algorithm (Ethash) to find block solutions te the blockchain. The main coin for Ethash, of course, is Ethereum. However, there are many others: Ethereum Classic, Musicoin, Ubiq, Daxx, Whale, Pegas, Expanse, Dubaicoin, Soil, etc.

When launching the miner, it is the DAG verkeersopstopping which uploads into the graphics card memory. Let’s take Claymore’s miner spil an example:

Overheen time DAG opstopping size increases, which happens every 30,000 blocks and is called an epoch switch, so each epoch corresponds to a specific DAG size.

To find out your current DAG size, wij recommend using this webstek: It shows the current DAG size for main Ethash currencies calculations is based on the block number.

Reminisce that each block corresponds to a specific epoch, and each epoch corresponds to an precies DAG size.

DAG size is calculated based on the specific algorithm, which you can find here and you can check for yourself to see if it indeed works or not. We’ve tested it – and it does work. By the way, all the DAG values have bot calculated and organized a long time ago, so you can use them at this samenvatting.

Every Epoch DAG Verkeersopstopping Size Increases by 8 MB

The block time differs from coin to coin: ETH – 30 sec, ETC – 15 sec, EXP – 90 sec. That means that Ethereum Classic reaches 30,000 blocks 6x quicker than Expanse. That’s why ETC’s current epoch is 151 (DAG=Two,18GB), while that of EXP is only 25 (DAG=1,2GB). Well, wij have to admit that it’s not fair to compare those two, spil the latter came out a bit zometeen.


Let’s take a look at the Ethereum blockchain.

  • The current block time is 30 seconds.
  • It takes 900,000 seconds (30 seconds 30,000 blocks) to switch an epoch (900,000 60 60 24 = Ten.Four days).
  • At the time the article wasgoed written the last ETH block wasgoed Four,322,994, the current epoch wasgoed 144 and DAG the size wasgoed Two,134 MB.
  • When the block #Four,350,000 is reached, the epoch will switch to 145, and the DAG size will grow to Two,142 MB.

This result is supposed to toebijten te 27,000 blocks (around October 9).

Very first, Vitalik &, Co. were programma to launch the so-called Ice Age and the block time wasgoed supposed to increase little by little. However, according to the latest news, it will be the other way round. Ice Age is going to be delayed for a year and a half, while the block time is expected to go down to 14 seconds te October 2018, that means epochs would switch every five days, and the DAG size would increase by 8 MB.

When Will GPU Zekering Mining Ether?

It all depends on the graphics card memory.

2GB GPUs stopped working for Ethereum blockchain te November/December 2016. The dying process commenced mainly after epoch #93 when the DAG size reached 1.73 GB.

The thing is, some part of the memory usage is a buffer, so you can’t use 100% of your card for DAG. It’s not difficult to check – below you’ll see the memory usage by Claymore on the laptop’s graphics card, epoch #144:

Now the card is using Two.Trio GB, which is 200 MB more than DAG size (Two.13 GB). If there is a monitor connected to the graphics card, it will take up another 150-200 MB.

Supposing that soon the ETH block time will be 14 sec and will remain stable, 3GB graphics cards will start leisurely dying away te about 400 days, that is, at the end of 2018. The math is pretty elementary, check it out yourself:

  1. The 3GB card has around 650 MB left.
  2. 650 MB 8 MB (DAG’s increase vanaf epoch) = 81 epochs.
  3. Each epoch: 14 30,000 60 60 24 = Four.86 days.
  4. 81 (epochs left) Four.86 (days vanaf epoch) = 394 days.

4GB cards have almost three years left, so, for now, their owners have no reason to worry. By that uur everything might switch numerous times because blockchain technology evolves swift.


Don’t worry if your graphics card lacks memory and can’t mine Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. Many Ethash currencies still work with 2GB graphics cards, spil their epochs are considerably low albeit Ubiq – epoch #8, Expanse – epoch #25, Musicoin – epoch #37. Their DAG sizes are slightly overheen 1GB at the ogenblik. Moreover, thesis currencies may often be more profitable than Ethereum – check out Whattomine.

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