Which wallet should I use for Ethereum (Ether)? My Hardware Wallet

Which wallet should I use for Ethereum (Ether)? My Hardware Wallet

Here’s why you need an Ethereum hardware wallet, stat. Let mij guess …

You’re having flashbacks to the early days of Bitcoin te watching the latest exploding popularity of Ether—the ultra-promising cryptocurrency that powers the world-changing Ethereum Virtual Machine.

So. You’ve bought your very first duo Ether to make good on missing out on sub- 1000 Bitcoins, and you’re wondering what to do now.

Well, your next budge is a no-brainer.

You need to protect your explosively-appreciating Ether with a full-proof, 100%-secure Ethereum hardware wallet.

Software wallets, or “hot” wallets, abound on the internet. But thesis wallets serve spil short-term options only because they are exceptionally susceptible to loss and theft.

When you compare Ethereum hardware wallets against their software wallet competitors, hardware wallets are safer and easier-to-use te EVERY way.

Indeed—you’ll find hardware wallets to be impenetrable, user-friendly vaults for your crypto storage needs.

On the spin side, if you make the mistake of leaving your Ether ter a software wallet long enough, you’ll likely practice firsthand just how lightly they can be compromised—sooner or zometeen.

The same reason you FOMO’d (“afraid of missing out”) into Ether is the same reason you need to FOMO into an Ethereum hardware wallet:

You’re attempting to secure your financial future!

Well, wij at My Hardware Wallet applaud you.

You’ve taken a phenomenal very first step towards such security by buying your very first haul of Ether.

Now, it’s time to cementlaag the long-term gains of your Ether by ordering your very own Ethereum Hardware Wallet

.Te today’s postbode, we’ll make the case for why software wallets are inferior to software wallets ter every way.

Without further ado, let’s start!

1) Leaving your Ether on an exchange’s software wallet

Te having bought Ether, we’ve all used exchanges before.

And that means we’ve all had our Ether on an exchange software wallet at one time or another.

But make no mistake: exchanges are NOT a safe place to store your Ether.

Seriously—you could lose everything if you choose to keep your precious Ether on an exchange instead of an Ethereum hardware wallet.

That’s because exchanges practice malicious hacks on a daily voet. Your Ether IS a target. And exchanges can fail or be robbed by rogue employees. It’s happened before, and it’ll toebijten again.

And consider how exchanges structure their terms-of-service so that they can close your account and lock your Ether away permanently at ANY time.

If you don’t have foot control of your wallet, then you don’t have foot control of your Ether. It’s that ordinary!

At best, exchange software wallets should be used temporarily for epistel periods of trading. They are NOT for long-term storage. That’s what hardware wallets are for!

Two) Online software wallets have bot, and will proceed to be, compromised

This very summer, the crypto community observed ter horror spil malicious hackers penetrated a bug ter the Parity software wallet and drained MILLIONS of pounds worth of Ether from dozens of harmless Ethereum users.

Unluckily, thesis kinds of hacks are not isolated.

Software wallets communicate with the internet permanently, making them permanently exposed to hackers te turn.

Phishers trick guiltless crypto-enthusiasts into forking overheen their private keys every day.

Keyloggers compromise fresh software wallets every day.

When it comes down to it, then, software wallets waterput YOUR Ether ter danger of being hacked 24/7.

An Ethereum hardware wallet stores your private keys for you, so they can’t be phished—now and forevermore.

And hardware wallets remain ceaselessly offline, ensuring they’re all but impervious to keylogging exploits of any sort.

Software wallets like Parity waterput your Ether te danger.

Hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S do the opposite.

Trio) Software-generated paper wallets are fragile spil hell

You might be tempted to create a software-generated paper wallet, stick it te a book on your book shelf, and leave behind about it.

This makes your Ether spil fragile spil the paper which it’s protected by—which is utterly fragile, to say the least.

Let’s say you waterput your paper wallet ter a safe deposit opbergruimte and take it out after 20 years. Congrats! Your decision to buy and hold Ether’s made you filthy rich!

Yet, ter this celebratory uur, you’d only have to let out one gepast sneeze to raw the ink of your paper wallet and obscure your private key forever.

Paper wallets are far too fragile to be considered a viable option for storing your Ether long-term.

A petite housefire or rainy flooding would ruin your paper wallet ter a heartbeat, and with it your Ether.

Paper wallets are a primitive solution to an advanced problem.

They should NOT be your Ether storage solution accordingly.

Again, that’s what hardware wallets are for!

Four) Hardware wallets are the only responsible choice for storing your Ether

An Ethereum hardware wallet is a puny, pocket-sized device that uses cutting-edge technology to provide the most advanced security solution for your Ether storing needs.

Hardware wallets are “cold” wallets because they never connect to the internet.

This means hardware wallets defend your Ether against being compromised ter ANY form or style.

Where software wallets fall brief on security, then, hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Blue shine.

Best of all, hardware wallets can be backed up and restored at any time, meaning they suggest unparalleled protection for your Ether and will do so for DECADES to come.

An Ethereum Hardware wallet is the best-of-the-best when comes to securing your crypto.

Secure yours today, and your future with it!

Five) Our recommendation: the Ledger Nano S can treat all your Ether needs!

There’s truly no debate—My Hardware Wallet recommends the Ledger Nano S Ethereum hardware wallet spil the best wallet for Ether holders of all stripes.

The Nano offers more advance security than any software wallet can.

It’s petite and fits te your pocket, meaning you can take it and use it lightly anywhere you go.

And the Nano is the most affordable hardware wallet presently on the market, making it a price-friendly option for all Ether users.

You’re doing yourself a supreme disservice if you don’t at least look into getting yourself a Ledger Nano S.

Investing ter a Nano is an investment ter your future.

Your Ether may be priceless one day.

Keep it that way with a Ledger Nano S, and waterput an Ethereum hardware wallet at your fingertips!

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